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Inline decoration

posted November 21, 2009

Span Decoration

In addition to the basic markup (emphasis, strong, and strong emphasis), there are a number of options available for inline decoration.

Class Decoration

Native inline class decoration includes superscript, subscript, underline, overline, strikeout, smaller, larger and mono. Class decorators available on this website from the CSS file also include highlight and hot (and hot highlight). Here's the source for the previous two sentences:

Native inline decoration includes %s superscript%superscript%%,
%s subscript%subscript%%, %s underline%underline%%, %s overline%overline%%,
and %s strikeout%strikeout%%, %s smaller%smaller%%, %s larger%larger%% and %s mono%mono%%. 
Class decorators available on this website from the CSS file also include 
%s highlight%highlight%% and %s hot%hot%% (and %s hot highlight%hot highlight%%).

Style Rule Decoration

You can also apply any css rule directly, like this: **%s background-color:black color:yellow% This will draw attention! %%** which then looks like this: This will draw attention! .

In general any appropriate css style rules can be used. See w3shools.com CSS Reference for documentation. Here's a handy list of color names supported by all major browsers: Color Name Reference.

Note that the spans are closed with empty double percent signs (%%).

Special Decoration

HTML Entities

As an advanced feature you can have inline html entities like the copyright © symbol (©). Here's a list of the entities available: Standard Entities Reference. Here are widely supported symbols: Symbols Reference.

Inline HTML

And if all else fails, you can have arbitrary inline html with

%c html%{{{<tt>teletype words</tt>}}} 

which in this case looks like this: teletype words.

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